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    We're getting 2 lines here, as we have an office and apartment near eachother (in Gulshan, near the FTTX cable).

    The first connection has been installed yesterday, it is the Prisma Digital 1Mb/s connection. For this they climbed into a pole outside, and dragged a fiber cable inside here, installed it in a box, and connected it to a small modem. The connection with that one is pretty decent, after 21cet that is. Before 21cet it's quite unstable and regularly only reaches 15kB/s.

    The other line we are getting (the 24th) is Link3/F-lix' 1Mb/s / 2Mb/s (day/night) connection. In the documentation it said that this is also shared, like Prisma's I pressume, but is it? I just hope it will be more stable. At least with Prisma's I can actually play QuakeLive after 21cet at ping 60 on a Singapore server, so that's quite impressive I think.

    Honestly, I don't understand why we needed 2 lines, when we could've had Link3 at 2.5 / 5 Mbit/s, but well, try to explain that to non-heavy internet users...
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