Hello Everyone,

I am a Link3 1.5MBPS user residing in Mohakhali. Recently, L3 has upgraded () their system, and after this upgrade my line bandwidth has deteriorated tremendously. I am no longer getting the google cache server facility mainly used for youtube and playstore. Also, BDIX speed is almost down. The download speed from their own FTP server cinehub24 has also been reduced. And not to mention the ups & downs in their regular download speed.

I contacted with their customer service several times and got informed that this their official policy that they will not be offering this features any more. But for a strange reason, when I requested them to inform me about this policy through E-mail as this is my legal right, they run out of words . They also pissed me off when instead of solving my problem they got busy in explaining the difference between KB and KBPS to me as if I have no primary IT knowledge

So, I have decided to move on. Which ISP will be best for my area and for the above features? I found Dhakacom, Triangle offering these features. How are they? Can you please suggest